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Proofreading and editing

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Language instruction

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  • English
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I also arrange provision of French to Finnish and Italian to Finnish translation services.


When translating, I place a lot of value on content collaboration between the client and the translator. My job is to use the kind of language that suits the context and discuss the concepts, terms and viewpoints with the client as necessary prior to delivering the text.

Appropriate translation tools enhance my work and thereby create savings for the client, and the binding advance offers I prepare based on the source texts serve to eliminate any unpleasant surprises in invoicing.


I perform proofreading and editing of texts that may be substantial in length or are co-authored. In the course of translating dozens of books, I’ve noticed how hard it is for writers – including translators – to coherently stay on top of every aspect of the writing process, while an external pair of eyes can easily detect points of improvement in the text, be they unclear or equivocal expressions, unwanted redundancy, undeveloped connections within the text, typing errors or punctuation deficiencies.

English instruction

I provide English instruction in competitive terms. The training is tailored around client needs. As a starting point, I measure the competence levels of the students and group them accordingly as appropriate. The skill level measurements and the training itself guide me in preparation of training content relevant for the field in question, so that all students can build up their skills in ways that are optimal just for them. As language instructor, my bottom line is that all training I provide needs to be effective as well as fun and personal! While language learning does involve pure memorisation, it should also aim at enabling the eureka effect and building upon existing knowledge.


Journalism is something I’ve also done ever since starting my business. I’ve written dozens of interview-based and other articles in English for three different print and online publications. I record all my interviews to meticulously go over them later and handpick the most pertinent information for the story. As it is essential to get the facts right, the interviewees are always provided an opportunity to review the article draft prior to publishing.

The sums I invoice never catch anyone by surprise.

When it comes to pricing and scheduling, my policy is to prepare an advance offer on all translation and editing assignments whereby I commit to delivery at the stated price by the agreed deadline.




+358 40 751 5357


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70620 Kuopio

Mika Oksanen, Branchlet Language

Private trader under the business name Branchlet Language since 2010 (currently in Kuopio, previously in Suonenjoki, Vantaa and Jyväskylä)

Degrees and qualifications

MA, University of Helsinki, English and German translation and interpretation, 2006

Authorised translator’s degree, English to Finnish, 2009


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